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Commercial Auto Loan Closer

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Location: Atlanta, GA

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Job Description

The CSI Companies is seeking a Commercial Auto loan Closer in the Atlanta area.

'A Dealer Closer supports a very specialized area of the bank, Commercial Auto Dealer who provides financing to Dealerships.  Many of the deals that we close are heavily negotiated. This is an added encumbrance for any Closer due to added responsibility to make sure items are both memorialized in the documents as well as in the approvals (including emails approvals, post-closing memos, and credit memos, etc). This ripples to more time and conscientiousness about what more is needed, now that more restrictions/additions are included in the transaction.  A Dealer Closer is a high level involvement position, which includes broad and specific detail requirements. The position requires a unique attention to detail and compliance. A good background in understanding wholesale financing and real estate is preferred. Some of the most common types of deals that we close are Floorplan Lines of Credit, Blue Sky Term Loans and Real Estate transactions.  They will be working in SunTrust systems; engaging attorneys and title companies; coordinating closings; document due diligence and review for accuracy; speaking with relationship managers, portfolio managers, in-house legal counsel, and clients.  

Position Requirements 

'• Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks under tight time constraints
• Intermediate commercial credit knowledge including loan closings, legal documentation and exceptions
• Proficiency in reviewing title work, surveys, collateral, lien filings, appraisals and environmental reports
• Knowledge of commercial loan systems
• Post-Secondary education, or equivalent work experience
• Prior experience or knowledge of loan closing and lending regulatory requirements 
• 4 years experience in credit operations, loan consultation or administration
• 4 years experience in the execution of legal documentation and associated processes
• Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills for the purpose of explaining the loan closing process, exceptions and associated legal documentation to internal, external clients and appropriate counsel;  A good background in understanding wholesale financing and real estate is preferred.


'1. Have you ever worked in a specialized area of a bank?  If so, what made this area unique and what were your responsibilies?                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2. Explain your experience for closing Commercial loans to include real estate loans.  How many years of experience do you have?   What is the largest size loan have you closed?
3. Explain your experience with Title and Flood as it pertains to closing loans and how many years of experience you have.
5. Please list any Commercial systems that you have worked with and how many years of experience do you have with each system.
6. Do you learn better through hands on training or baptism by fire?  Describe ways that you apply yourself in order to learn new things?    
7. Do you have any experience with reading and understanding loan documentation?  How many years of experience you have? 
8. What type of loan due diligence have you done?  Were you the only person involved in the preliminary and post closing due diligence? 
9. Explain your experience in dealing with UCC's and perfecting lien positions and how many years of experience you have. 

Job Requirements